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HOW TO ORDER: Single Pic Wall Mural

Single Pic Wall Murals feature one photo blown up huge. They are the perfect choice if you…

▶ Want to give that special pic the attention it deserves.
▶ Crave a vibe overhaul of your room. Bare living room + Twinkly Cityscape Mural = Swanky Lounge. Neglected storage space + Tranquil Seaside  Mural = Cozy yoga retreat. Namaste.
▶ Don’t have the time or will to sort through your photo archives for a Multi-Pic Wall Mural.

There are just 8 steps between you and Single Pic Wall Mural greatness. Drum roll…  

▷ STEP 1   Choose a wall. Measure it. 

▷ STEP 2   Select "Rectangular Single Pic Mural" or "Square Single Pic Mural" from the product page

▷ STEP 3  Select your wall measurements from the list, rounding up. For example, if your wall is 116 inches x 77 inches (295cm by 197cm), choose "120" x 80"" ("305cm x 203cm"). If you don’t see your wall size, email and we’ll add it to the list!

▷ STEP 4   Complete purchase and put your feet up. One of our elves will email you within 24 hours with the password for our secure photo uploader. 

▷ STEP 5   Ping! You’ve got PicMe mail. Grab that password and follow the link back to the site. 

▷ STEP 6  Choose the “Upload” option from the Main Menu and enter your password.

▷ STEP 7  Upload your pic. Hit submit. Then the tequila. Mazel Tov! Your custom creation will be at your door within 28 days.

But what the eff do I do when it gets here? Sounds like someone needs our Installation Guide.