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HOW TO ORDER: Multi-Pic Wall Mural

So you wanna be a cool kid? We don’t blame you – the Multi-Pic Wall Mural is a total showstopper, a floor to ceiling checkerboard of memories, guaranteed to provide hours and hours of entertainment and delirious joy to you and your visitors. Just don’t blame us if your other walls band together in a jealousy-fueled pact and demand you get them Multi-Pic Wall Murals too. 

There are just 11 steps between you and this game-changer. Drum roll… 

▷ STEP 1    Choose a wall. Measure it. 

▷ STEP 2    Select “Multi-Pic Wall Mural” from the product page. 

▷ STEP 3    Choose your wall width from the list, rounding up. For example, if your wall is 90 inches (230cm), choose 96" (244 cm).

▷ STEP 4   Choose your wall height from the list, again rounding up. For example if your wall is 90 inches high (230cm), choose 96" (244 cm). 

▷ STEP 5  Determine the number of pics you need from the chart below.  If you don't have enough pics, no problem! We can always duplicate (or triplicate! Quadruplicate??) for a pattern effect. If you need help calculating the number of photos or have special instructions, just email us with your wall size and we shall oblige.


▷ STEP 6    Complete purchase. One of our elves will email you within 24 hours with the password for our secure photo uploader. 

▷ STEP 7    Take a walk down memory lane, laughing and cringing as you select the best pics for your Multi-Pic Wall MuralAll pics should be square and at least 8 inches by 8 inches (20cm by 20cm) or 600 pixels. For pics that aren’t square, simply crop using photo editing software like Photoshop or Picasa 

▷ STEP 8    Ping! You’ve got PicMe mail. Grab that password and head back to the site. 

▷ STEP 9    Choose the “Upload” option from the Main Menu, holding shift to batch select your pics. Enter your password. 

▷ STEP 10   Upload those babies! Hit submit. Then the tequila. Mazel Tov! Your custom creation will be at your door within 28 days. 

But what the eff do I do when it gets here? Sounds like someone needs our Installation Guide.