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How to install your PicMe Wall Mural

▷ STEP 1   Make sure you have:

      ◍ A dry sponge or cloth
      ◍ Straight edge like a ruler or level
      ◍ Utility knife
      ◍ Plastic smoother (included) or credit card
      ◍ Step stool or ladder
      ◍ A friend (optional) 

▷ STEP 2   Dry-clean your wall, avoiding chemical cleaners (they're jerks to the environment anyway).


▷ STEP 3   Pull mural out of its tube and peel backing – about 8 inches (20cm) to start.


▷ STEP 4   Stick the top left corner of the panel to the top left corner of the wall. Peel downward in 8 inch (20cm) increments, smoothing air bubbles with your plastic smoother (or credit card). If your friend’s worth his salt, he’ll hold the bottom for you. And hand you the next panel. And tell you if you screw up. 


▷ STEP 5   Apply the next panel, lining it up with the first at the white border. 


▷ STEP 6   Creases? Peel off, smooth back. 


▷ STEP 7  Trim any excess with your utility knife.  


▷ STEP 8   Store the backing in a safe, clean place – if you ever want to reuse your mural, this will help retain its stickiness and keep it dirt and dust-free until next application. 

▷ STEP 9   You did it! Sit back and admire the wall of your dreams. 


The PicMe Murals are easier to hang than wallpaper but if you feel you'd like professional help, try the Wallcovering Installers Association website. For the record, we love this service but are not affiliated in any way.